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Home Office Work Space

Setting up an efficient place to work from home, or household, work-space is important for any stay-at-home employee. Managing productivity and workflow from a home office can be a daunting task but with the right home office setup and design, employees can accomplish just as mush working from home as they do within a business setting. Home offices are growing in importance with the increase in the work-from-home employee base.

Business efficiency is important so selecting office items like a light, carpet, desk, office chair, shelves and pieces of furniture. Read our articles and view our hand selected products to help you create the most efficient home workplace or room in your house with plenty of space to to work.

Setting Up A Home Office

Whether you have always worked from home or if you are transitioning to a work from home office, setting up your space is a way to truly make it your own as you prepare to get to work. Using a few home office ideas, learn how to transform any room, whether you are working in a small home office or renovating a current closet, bedroom, or family room in your home into your new workspace.  Advice on accessories, lighting, artwork for the walls, and inspiration to make your room pop.  We offer tips for organizing cabinets, drawers, supplies and everything from books, lamps and home office furniture to build the perfect work space.

Susan Arbour - Interior Designer and Home Office Expert
Susan Arbour Interior Designer and Office Specialist

For Productive Business, Consider the Efficiency of Your Home Office Space

If you want to make the most out of any home office ideas, it is important to consider whether or not they lend to the overall productivity and efficiency of your space itself. Simple things like chairs and the light your chose all play a part in ensuring that your new home office allows for efficient workflow to maximize your efforts.  The time you spend inside of your office working throughout each day will reflect on your business performance..

A business work space layout for your new office at home starts with where your desk will be located, the light you use and whether or not it is directly connected to all of the appliances and additional equipment you may need throughout your day.  Ask yourself the following questions when creating a new layout for the type of office you are envisioning for yourself. 


  • How often will I need to navigate around my room and away from my desk?
  • With home offices, is it important that my desk is facing a particular way, especially if I intend to host clients or customers in my home?
  • Are all of my necessary pieces of equipment and tools available within reach from the desk location I have in mind?
  • What type of storage is best for all of my documents, decor, and other office items I would like to keep within the space? Are you using shelves, cabinets or drawers for organization?
  • Is there a way I can declutter the office space to ensure I maximize the space I have available and increase productivity?
  • How can I make work space or office as welcoming, warm, and large as possible, even if I am currently limited with space I have available? 

Home Offices With Small Spaces In Your Home

Working with a small space should not deter you from getting creative or having fun while you are in the process of developing a new space to work from in your home. Adding a fresh coat of light-colored paint, plenty of light, and changing the entire decor style, and minimizing the clutter in your new office space can drastically change the look and appearance of any amount of space you intend to use at home for an office.

Selecting Your Office Furniture To Fit Your House Style

Selecting Office Furniture For A Home Work Space

Choosing the furniture for your office that is right for you greatly depends on your own personal tastes as well as the type of furniture styles that are most fitting for the vision you have in mind. Some of the most common types of furniture styles that are used in office spaces today may include:

  • A collection of traditional and contemporary furniture
  • Modern, minimalist, and simplistic furniture
  • Mid-century furniture pieces with a modern twist
  • Bohemian furniture
  • Farmhouse themed furniture with whitewashes and other DIY staining
  • Oriental, Arabic, and African furniture designs
  • Victorian

The Right Rug Can Pull A Room Together


Choosing the right rug for your new office space at home can make all of the difference while helping to pull your office space room together. When choosing a new rug for your office, consider the size of the rug you are interested in, the color that will go best with your current theme and selected color scheme, as well as the overall fabric or material that is right for you. Some of the most common types of rugs used in office spaces include:

  • Oriental rugs with intricate ornate patterns and designs
  • Black, white, and greyscale rugs
  • Flokati/Long-haired rugs/Shaggy rugs
  • Moss style rugs
  • Modern geometric pattern rugs
  • Wicker and farmhouse style rugs

Compare various styles, patterns, fabrics, and designs along with sizes and shapes to find a rug that is perfect for your desk or entire at-home office.


Choosing A Rug For Your office

Right Color Palette for Your Office

Planning Office Colors

Selecting An Office Color SchemeBefore you begin setting up a home office, consider the color palette you intend to use for space. If you are working with smaller office space, consider brighter colors such as white, off-white, eggshell, beige, and pale colors such as yellow, blue, or even a calming green.

Research color psychology to learn more about color meanings and how they directly affect and alter emotions based on our current moods and the type of activity we are participating in within a space. Choosing bold colors for one singular wall in your office is a way to draw attention to the area without making your room look smaller, cluttered, or more condensed. If you are working in an office space that is larger and wish to use one wall for a bold color, consider blood orange, eggplant, navy blue, or even bright fuchsia, red, or yellow. If you are looking for a modern, yet minimal look and feel, consider opting for a variety of grey color schemes that blend with different furniture styles and types.

Home Office Space Ideation

Brainstorming is essential when setting up an office at home, even if you have worked from home or remotely in the past. If you want to truly create an office space that is welcoming, comforting, and a reflection of your own personality and working style, take the time to brainstorm various layout ideas, color palettes, and overall themes you are most interested in.

A gallery wall is a great touch for a home office addition to boost colors and creativity.  Taking the time to brainstorm the layout, style, and color palette of your new work from home office is a way for you to feel confident and comfortable with the decisions you make along the way. Examples of home office furniture, lamps and endless ideas can be found online. Whether you are creating a new work-space from scratch or changing and remodeling an existing room and area of your home, the options are virtually endless once you allow yourself to get a bit creative with the planning and redecorating of your new office space. Everything should have a spot, increase your work efficiency and be a place to rest on your ideas.

Plants added to rooms or on desks deliver a relaxing vibe and offer options for colors and textures.  Rooms that pop have pieces with large color blocks  that draw attention. Business desks are always the focal point of the room so be sure to use clutter-free storage with ample lighting.

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